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An Introduction
Water is amongst the best things of this world which is priceless as it holds the planet with a strong bonding of life and evolution. In other words, water up to a large extent is the biggest cause of survival for not only living beings but also for every matter that has taken its shape by somehow or the other. Water, as a precious gift of nature helps in creating a sustainable balance amongst human beings to develop in substantial way. Treatment of sewage water has been an old practice and for this purposes quality sewage submersible pumps are imperative.

Apart from the uses of water in laundry, washing, showering and bathing, this liquid elixir is extensively used in cultivation of rice, which consumes more than 2,000 litres of water for harvesting 1Kg of Rice. To maintain equal and adequate distribution of water in these harvesting fields, water pumps play a very crucial role.

“Water is omnipresent and omniscient, which has not only provided life but also is the sole cause of nourishment in living beings.”

About Us
Jasco Pump Pvt. Ltd. is a prestigious sewage submersible pumps manufacturer, supplier and exporter. Our assortment of industrial pumps include polder submersible pumps, portable dewatering pumps, dewatering sub. pumps, self priming mud pumps, portable sewage submersible pumps, and many others. These are used for civil applications, irrigation, garden use, fountains, and for getting water from reservoirs or wells. Having advanced design, quality stainless steel & material of construction, easy usage, simple installation, and high energy saving, our industrial pumps like submersible pumps play an important role to a better environment and improved life for people.

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